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Help! NetJets interview sim question


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Jun 21, 2002
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While getting ready to interview with NetJets shortly, a sim evaluation question came to mind. Without appearing like an idiot, for the ILS 27L approach to Atlanta, in a non-radar environment, how do you join the 170 degree radial from PDK, intercept ANVAL intersection which isn't the IAF?

The gouge I have been reading makes no mention that ANVAL is not an IAF. So are they trying to see if you question this? It seems everyone just identifed ANVAL by the DME from the IFSQ, but one person wrote on aviationinterviews.com that the DME was out of service also?

Help. Can someone tell me how you go to ANVAL and do the course reversal when DEPOT is the IAF?


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Nov 28, 2001
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I took the checkride last year in July-so its a little fuzzy-but here is what I remember-(also you will get an explanation of the checkride profile step by step-from the company before the sim ride-too easy)
You should take off on 9L to an assigned altitude and heading-then steep turns-then you will proceed direct to the PDK Vor-enroute you will be given holding instructions. Have your copilot fly-and use crew coordination during the whole ride-ie when you brief your co-pilot on the hold you can ask them if they concur with the entry. While in holding you should be told to expect the ILS 27L into Hartsfield-use your time in the hold to get ATIS and you can brief the approach. The FSI instructors in Atlanta let me brief the approach before we even started the ride since I knew it was coming. Eventually you will be cleared out of holding and told to proceed to ANVAL Int via the 170 from PDK-while coming down the 170 radial-Radar will go out-so know your non radar calls. You can fix ANVAL with the localizer-which also has DME.
And to back it up have your co-pilot tune up ATL which also has DME-one major thing people bust is not doing the procedure turn within the 10 mile ring-which is predicated on Depot INT-I would recommend once you have identified ANVAL start your procedure turn immediately.

Hope I did not forget anything-if so-someone please correct me.
Good luck and Fly Safe


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Jun 18, 2002
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Like the previous post said, intercept the 170 radial on your side (you will do the eval from the left seat) and have your partner tune the ILS and setup his HSI with the inbound course. If you are on the 170 and your partner's needle centers, you're at ANVIL. I didn't tune the VOR for DME because (as best I can remember) the ILS has DME. I briefed for him to call localizer alive and Anvil intersection. As soon as his needle centered, I turned to the outbound heading for the procedure turn, started down from 5000 to 4000, and only went out 45 seconds. I was level by the time I had to turn inbound, and had some room to spare on the 10DME limit (I can't remember how much, but comfy enough). Know your non-radar required calls and procedures, the examiner we had said that is the most screwed up area on the ride for all aplicants. Talk as much as you want and use CRM out the wazoo...that is a key area both as flying and non-flying pilot (you're graded as both). Good luck!


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Dec 1, 2001
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All good points on the ILS27L so far.

Technique I used was to just fly right through the localizer at ANVAL. Once ANVAL was crossed, we started time and turned to the outbound heading of the procedure turn. There is no requirement to track the localizer at all prior to turning procedure turn outbound.

Just something to consider that may keep you inside the 10 NM ring with a minimum of thought.

By the way, the examiner never even questioned or commented on this at all. It must have been OK!


Good luck,