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Help needed: Airport identifiers

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Active member
Oct 3, 2002
Hi All,

The other day I started counting all the airports that I have flown in (as you can tell I have a thousand-and-one things to do with my life) and came across some airport identifiers that are no more. I believe they have since been changed to more sensibly sounding identifiers.

Perhaps somebody remembers the old identifiers and can tell me which airport it belongs to (and what the current identifier is)? I flew into these fields in the years 1991-1996 and by and large they should be in the Texas, Oklahoma area, although anywhere in the mainland US but the Norhwest is possible.

I have of course used different search engines for identifiers but they don't list the old replaced ones.

Here are my mystery identifiers:

H0Z (or HOZ)

If anybody could help me out it would surely be appreciated!

I found that using google...

I searched for OLA4 and airport....

When I saw your list, one of them grabbed my attention. Since then, I've been trying to find a source to confirm or deny my guess about it. Unfortunately, I've found nothing, so I'm stuck.

When I saw "HAM" the first thing that popped into my mind was "Hamilton" as in Hamilton, MS. I recall from my pilot training fays in Columbus, MS, listening to "Hamilton... V - O - R... Hamilton... V - O - R..." to the point of distraction. The airport nearby isn't called Hamilton (I think it's called Monroe County or something like that) and it's identifier is not even close. BUT... is it possible you wrote down HAM in error when that's where you were?

Everybody, thanks a lot for the replies, it has helped a lot. Just wish I could remember all the fields I have flown into. They all the tend to blend into one (makes me sound like an old timer).

Perhaps something for another post: How many airports have you flown into?
(for those with time on their hands).
next time just remember this when you're doing the kind of flying that takes you into all these small fields. you'll remember where you flew if you dont smoke some of the cargo you're supposed to be dropping off.


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