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Help me with my math - please ALL donate

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Nov 24, 2001
As of right now.. there are 635 members joined, with many more to come from the old boards.

If each member would graciously donate $25 for the value of this forum, that would equate to $15,875. We are only at $1350 thus far.

Please all, even if we exceed the goal. Let's help Mark keep these great forums screaming. If we exceed the $5K, he'll use it to bring us even faster forums by doing some of that fancy stuff with servers that will only benefit us!

Click the PayPal icon, donate a measly $25, big whoop, and let's seal the deal so we can be sure we'll have this great resource!


I'm still trying to scrounge $25 for the donation. By my math that means I'll just have to teach 7 more people how to flare a Cessna 172. But that's okay.....well worth it!! Love this board!
Mark, hang tight......I'm workin' on it!

Thought more about it...

There's $25 from me

We'll just have to see if the Lord brings me any more anytime soon...

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Here is the deal

Ok, here is the deal. If we don't make our goal by Jan 1st...we will not sign the 2 year contract on the servers. However, we will be allowed to operate until the money runs out...which at this rate will be about April or so. So your money won't be lost...it will take the boards until the money runs out.

Hawgdriver is right...simply amazes me that we have 639 members and most of those members didn't donate to keep the boards up and running. I can understand guests not donating...but members not is really frustrating. I figured that if each member donated $10.00 we would have this nipped in the bud already. I am confident that we can raise enough to keep them going as I am also trying to get corporate sponsors as well. And to those who have donated already......THANK YOU!

Now if we get more than the goal we will put it towards more software and other neat things (spell checker) we have had planned for years.....I have a great idea about a really cool chat program. But it requires money and lots of server space.

Hope that helps,
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