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Help me out here....you ALG guy's

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Board Member
Dec 8, 2001
I 'd like to know ...how can some one who has interviewed for a pilot job with your company not be Qualified enough for a first officer position on the "Dash" when they have 4800hrs of which 3500hrs is Pilot-In-Command in "the Dash"!!!!
Why go through the trouble to call them!What does the 1000hr pilot have over this guy!!!!
I think one thing to keep in mind is that pilots are not hired solely on the basis of their time in the logbook. The interview with HR and the flight department probably weighs heavily in the determination as to whether or not someone is hired.
Sounds like you're a major airline furloughee Taz. Well be glad that a regional called you for an interview, most won't even give us a shot. If they turn you down, it most certainly sucks, but at least you got the shot which is all I want. If they then feel I look bad, smell bad, have poor command of the english language, suffer from walleye vision, or whatever I could live with it.
re: ALG

If that be the case why even bother with stating flight time requirements... why not state the requirements are to ..."please the management"....but when it comes down to it you can smile from cheek to cheek all day long if you cant get your stuff together in the sim and on the line the chief pilots are going to hang you!
And No I'm not a major furouughee ....I fortunately still have my job.... i empathise with young guys wanting their break in life........ we all got to "pay out dues" but i hate to see good people get screwed by two faced unscrupulious disengenious management!!
It's hard to find good help today!! so 1 experienced pilot is worth 100 eager highly inexperienced & motivated ones!........
This has only firmed my belief the the people that do the hiring "HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT THEYRE LOOKING FOR"!!!!!
Generally, once you get to the interview your time is no longer a factor. You'll be considered equally with the guy next to you that has 1000/100. High time pilots need to polish their interviewing skills as much as the low time skills, since you can't expect having the most time to carry you through.
Taz, I'm sorry I misread your post, I'm glad you still have your job-the pay on this furlough gig isn't too good! I think Wiggums called it right on what happens when you get the interview. I think your experience level might dictate what they expect you to know, but most interviews are about personality and how you'll fit into their operation. The minimums are just that, minimum qualifications. It's like one of the few useful things Kit Darby says: "Airlines interview who they feel are qualified and hire who they like." My carrier liked me enough to hire me, but that doesn't mean WN would like me or hire me solely because I've flown guppies.

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