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HELP, Going to Montego Bay Jamaica

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
I have a trip to montego Bay Jamaica. Can anyone help me on any info about the place. I never been there and was looking for any heads up on where its safe and where not to go into? Heard some distrubing things about the place I just don't want to get shot while I'm there.
Resturants info also. I don't want to have a stomach pumped either.
any info is helpful.
I went to Universal and go a trip book for the place. But they couldn't give any info about the safety or resturants. I was just looking on first hand info.
Went to Jamaica about 5 years ago, but I'm sure it hasn't changed much.

RULE # 1- stay in a resort. The all-inclusive are the best so that you don't have to go out at all. There are all kinds of flea-markets and stuff that you will want to go and check out, but I would advise not to if it is your first time.

Drugs are not really illegal there, and the drug dealers love Americans because they know (or think) we have money. You WILL be appoached. I was approached at the airport of all places. Went outside to grab a smoke (tabacco) and this guy came up and asked where I was staying, I stated that I was there to get married and lay on the beach drinking rum runners and smoking cubans. He said "hey mon, you smoke ey"? And disappeared. As we were boarding the bus to go to Grand Lido the same guy shows up and sticks a bag in my hand and said this is a present from Jamaica. It was wacky tobacco. I wasn;t looking for or asked for it and it ended up in my hand at an airport of a foreign country-NOT a good feeling.

Left my "present" on the bus as I had no need or want for it.

My point is, be ready to be faced with issues like this while there. There are lots of thngs to do but try to stay and eat at mainstream "Americanizes" places and always watch your back if in town.
Let me see if I can help you out a little. I used to fly to Mo Bay almost every day with freight so hopefully I can give you some inside info.

As stated above, the most important thing you can do is, STAY IN AN ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT. Why? A few reasons, first, you do not have to worry about leaving the property to get what you need. The streets of Jamiaca are not safe and there are many people out there that are looking to take advantage of you. Also, they have everything you need to enjoy a long vacation. You can booze, hang out on the beach, water ski, jet ski, eat, sleep, and anything else you can think of. Another reason is they often offer nice little trips like to the Blue mountains, Dunn's River Falls, Negril, etc....and then you know they are safe and you are not being ripped off.
When you arrive in the lovely Sangster airport you will go outside and there will be 500 guys running up to for a cab. You can get to the hotel area for 5US. Do not pay more, there is a lot of guys who are whoring taxi cabs which means they do not have a license and they will take you for 5 bucks. Is it safe, well, thats another question. The JUTA guys are the official taxi there and they will charge you 3 times as much. I dont know where you are staying but most likely the all inclusives have shuttle service.

A couple things you should do there is take a booze cruise on the catamaran(sp?) They are like half day trips and cover a lot of ground letting you booze and swim all day with a bounty of ladies on the boat. You should also go to Margaritaville, they have a 2 story waterslide on the back on the restaurant into the ocean and water trampolines. You should also check out The Pork Pit, it is a restaurant that has the best jerk chicken, rice and peas in town. Everyone knows where it is.

Main thing, be smart, we would come out in uniform and still be offered weed and prostitutes. Watch where you go and be safe. You'll have a blast, I miss going there. In general the people are extremely nice and helpful. I hope you are ready for some Red Stripe, Rum Punch, jerk chicken, and rice.

Try and sit on the right side of the airplane, great view coming in. You will cross Cuba and about 80 DME later you will join the arc to the VOR RNWY 7. You can see a great view of the mountains, waterfalls, and Mo Bay beach. Oh yes, if you go to a public beach, go to Doctor's Cave. It is a safe beach that is regulated.

Anyways, I hope this helps, I know it rambles and I apoligize but I havent been back in a year. Have fun and smoke a Cuban while you are there.
Yeah, the catamaran day trips are a blast. We got on a 65 ft day sail with three snorkle stops. More rum than you can drink, and topless limbo dancing on the way back. There is quite a bunch of European influence there, so there are lots of topless beaches. There are non- topless (does that make sense?) beaches for those who feel unconfortable with that kinda thing.

Negril is the area we stayed for Grand Lido which is about a 45 min bus ride from the airport. If you take a bus anywhere for more than a 30 min trip take some motion sickness pills. The busses down there don't get new shock absorbers when they should and the roads can be quite hilly and bumpy.

Main thing is to be careful where you go and when as stated already, you really can get into some trouble there.

Oh, yeah, don't do the parasail gig there. Like Mexico there are no regulations and the operators are high as kites. I went up with the wife and it wasn't pretty. At one point I thought we were going to come out of the harness. If you want details pm me so we can keep this aviation related.
Nice approach into Mobay-- the DME Arc makes for a great tour. Left side seat good if I recall...

Out on the town, if you take pictures of some folk, particularly ones in traditional dress, full on rastaman, musicians, etc., you may be asked for "donation". A buck or two for a vacation memory suffices. Heard it is considered rude to not drop a dollar, and could lead to trouble in some cases. If you think about it, it is a better sort of panhandling than stateside....at least they dress up for you.

Overproof Rum at the duty free(i.e. 151+)! Think it technically is not allowed as a carry on, and these days, who knows what they might do to you if you try...

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