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Help...Cabo San Lucas Airport

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Nov 30, 2001
anyone know the closest airport to cabo san lucas, mexico for a citation 5?? identifier please. boss is breathing down my neck for a flight plan and having a hard time finding info. is it mcsl or msjd?? any help appreciated. thanks. also advice on good fbo appreciated.

Isn't that MMSD - the Los Cabos International? MSJD is the VOR, I think.

Check with Avweb, or somebody in the know. There have been some recent changes in the insurance and registration fees going to Mexico.
The identifier for the main airport is MSD. My brother has a condo down there and regurlarly fies his Malibu there. Be aware that there are two airports. He lands at a smaller one near the city and takes a taxi in to town because of costs to land at the internatinal main airport. With an aircraft like yours , I would go to the main airport, SJD. The security is better. Regardles of which airport, be prepaired to bring some bribe money. See Ya! Check your private messages.
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MMSD is the big airport. If you use a handler like Universal, you should have no problems, they take care of everything including flight planning. All you do is show up with your paperwork filled out, give it to him and wallah.
You want to go to MMSD if you're in a Citation V. Facilities there are good, but not like the service you are used to in the U.S. I always do my own handling in Mexico it's so easy when you get the knack of it. I usually bring plenty of cash along also. Give the baggage handlers a five apiece and then give the customs and immigrations officers twenty to forty bucks apiece and the Commadante should get the most. The reason why I always tip these people is to get out of there as quickly as posible.If it is extremely busy, you usually tip more. I can't tell you how many times my aircraft goes from last to first because of the payoff. While most people frown on this type of behavior, it works in Mexico. Oh yeah, if your plane doesn't leak fuel, fill it up before you head off to your hotel. This will save you time when you show up to depart. The fuelers have been known to disconnect midway through fueling to go to an airliner that just landed. I go down there quite frequently and you should have a blast. If you feel uncomfortable about handling the paperwork yourself the FBO has several people there that can help you. Walk around with them so you can learn the ropes and don't forget to tip the Commandante. Some people don't tip and it's up to you but bear in mind that that the twenty or so bucks you give them goes a long way in Mexico and they will remember you. I usually spend about $150 in tips and I never wait for long. Also get yourself a rent a car at the airport. It will be almost as cheap as the taxi will cost to town plus it will give you some mobility. Don't forget to take multiple denominations of US dollars. ( 5's, 10's, 20's) to pay you bills at the FBO because they won't have the change. I usually take about $3000 and I pay for everything in cash, parking,services, fuel, hotel and rental. Give me a buzz if you have any questions and have fun.
Cabo is a no-brainer once you get there. I was pretty worried about it before going the first time. Like others have said, take plenty of cash. My boss is fluent in Spanish and this helped a lot. We got pretty good service there and it was a great experience for me. I have been to Cabo 3 times now and would go back in a heartbeat. While you are there, go on the sunset cruise (a.k.a booze cruise), play golf at Cabo Real, and checkout the nightlife at Sammy Hagar's infamous "Cabo Wabo". There is a lot to do there so don't plan on it being a relaxing trip. I am dead tired every time I get home. The advice on fueling before you go to the hotel is good, I didn't know this the first time and almost got burned. Good luck and try really hard to have a good time. (just kidding, you will have a blast!)

All these guys are right on. We go to MMSD at least once a year and its a great trip. The part about the fueling is accurate. You never know. Do it at least a day before hand or get there plenty early. Tip well or use a handler, either way will make it easier. They are nice people there and will treat you well. I would also suggest renting a car. If you want to party stay in Cabo san Lucas, if you want to relax stay in San Jose del Cabo (it's closest to the airport. I would suggest taking the sunset cruise and a fishing trip if you have the means. It's great to head out into the ocean at sunrise and fish for Marlin or tuna. We've caught tuna and Mahi Mahi and you can get it cooked for you when you return.

Watch out for the time share hawkers. They will try to give you good deals on everything, but if it's a special "sale" it usually means you get the pitch for something.

Pay attention and you will have a blast.

Make sure you know your customs requirements and we bring local FSS numbers to call for weather before we leave. That's the biggest thing missing in my experience is weather service.
I have been to San Jose de Cabos ( MMSD ) several times. All of your Corp and 135 Jets fly into MMSD. America west along with Alaska fly in as well. Be prepaired to pay huge Fees to the Comandante. They will get you for FBO, Immigration, Landing, Parking and a hand full of other fees when you arrive. Out of all of Mexico, San Jose de Cabo is the most expensive and the biggest hassel. Plan on holding if going in on a friday afternoon in day VFR for other traffic. Make sure that you have copies of your Mexican insurance, regestration, ect with you.

Good Luck.
Thanks for the help everyone.. we'll be going into MMSD as recommended. I'm getting really excited about the trip now, booze cruise sounds like a must...definitely think i will need a vacation when i get home!!


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