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Help, ASA pilots!

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Trying to get all the facts to help make the best decision about the direction my career will take....thanks for your time!

1) What is the pay like during training/is all hotel costs covered?

2) What a/c is a newhire likely to get, is seniority based on age in class?

3) How long is reserve?

4) Once holding a line, are schedules commuter friendly?

5) How is morale at ASA, and how is pilot-management relations?

6) What are the ave. schedules, off reserve, block hrs for the month?

7) Do you get paid block or better, is there cancellation pay, etc..

8) How long will anticipated upgrades be in each a/c?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Are you an ALG or PDT guy? I was an ALG guy, until I saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship for ASA. I'm pretty happy I made the move. Life is pretty good here. Many of the contract items are comparable to the ALG contract, except for a lot of the opportunities to make lots of extra dough.

1) 75 hour guarantee at $19.02/hr. Hotel is paid for, and I believe you get 24hr perdiem at $1.50. I've heard a couple of rumbles that ATL based new hires only get the 8hr per day perdiem when training in ATL, but when I was hired it was 24 hour for everyone.

2) Any and all airplanes, including the -700 are having newhires assigned. Senority in class is on age, but I don't believe you bid for a/c or base as a new hire. It is assigned by the company.

3) Varies, but at least 6 months or more depending on hiring and growth. For new hires on the -700, I'd expect indefinite reserve.

4) Good question, I've been on reserve for so long now I'm not really sure (that's the problem with being a junior captain!) I know some of the lines each month are commutable, and being hub-based definitly makes commuting easier.

5) Seems ok. Most people are reasonably happy. Check back a little farther into our contract negotiations.

6) Min 10 days off. Max of 14 or 15 on the Brasilia. Average block is probably about 75. We are short staffed in a lot of places right now, but they still haven't bumped the block times up.

7)Yes to all. Also for pilots under guarantee (like reserves or CDO's) we get premium pay. All the time that you operate under sched block is added to your pay above the 75 hour guarantee. (ie- if you are 15 mins early, you get an extra .25 of flight pay if you are blocked at less than 75 hrs.) This is a nice way for reserves to make a little extra money. I average about an hours worht for every 10 hours of flying. On reserve I average about 45 hours a month.

8) Your guess is as good as mine. The jet and ATR are going at about 2.5 - 3 years right now. The E120 in DFW is right around 2 years. The E120 ATL has not had any awards since last August, and there are a bunch of senior guys and displaced pilots (including me) trying to get back to ATL on the airplane. Don't expect to see that go less than 2 years when vacancies do happen. Of course all this is continually changing.

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