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Helicopter Transport Service at Morris C09

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Apr 15, 2004
Whats the deal with the two huge Sikorsky S-61s at this little airport southwest of Chicago?
They were Helicopter Transport Service . Pretty neat stuff. http://www.htsc.ca/s61n.html

But why all the way down here if some of them are based in Canada, and they have US regs.

http://www.htshelicopters.com/ is the American site.

The one that was outdoors was N664Y, and the other was hangared. The one outdoors didn't have the *cowl* on the right side turbine.
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Because Morris built them a larger hangar than the one they had at Clow (1C5) to fit 2 S61's in and they have a couple of Skycranes on the way there too. We are actually taking over their hangar at Clow International Airport for our helo operation. The town of Morris offered them a lot of incentive down there and it's a whole lot more of an airport for those big Sikorsky's. It's kinda tight at Clow. They do quite a bit of heavy lifting here in Chicago and in the surrounding states. They also go out west for the fire season, but I don't think they got the contract this year, but I could be wrong.
Wow that's cool. The hangar is pretty big, could probably fit three or four in there easily.

Clow is crammed, its only about a 10-15 minute ride there in a light single.
The only reason they were at Clow is that they used to have the Channel 5 news contract for Chicago with an A-star, but they lost that to U.S. Helicopters in Schaumberg and now they are bringing in the Ch-54 Skycranes for some big project coming up here in about 4 or 5 months. Yeah Clow is pretty crammed. We're moving there just for the big hangar.

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