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Helicopter Add-On Training Questions?

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The Older the Better
Dec 4, 2001
Could someone share their expertise in the area of helicopter flight training for an ATP fixed wing guy???...

What are the costs involved?
What kind of flight hours are required for the average transitioning pilot to complete their Private/Commercial Add-on?
Can you recommend a school to do the training?
etc, etc, etc.

Thanks in advance,

ATP Add-on

Get a copy of FAR part 61 and the Helicopter ATP PTS. Youll have to do everything that states "in a helicopter". 61-161 has the specifics. Then look in the Helicopter ATP PTS and in the first few pages or so, you will see a chart that list present ratings on one side and required manevers on the other. This will tell you what you have to do on the ATP check ride.
For time, you will need aminimum of 75 hours of PIC helicopter time. All of the rest of the requirements can be part of the 75 hours, except the dual. Your probably looking at a hundred hours or so. The only problem I can see is the 75 hours of PIC time. Youll have to find a school that will let you complete this as most insurance requirements would prohibit you renting anything at your low time (in helicopters). Maybe they will take your total time, good luck!;)

P.S. The last time I rented a helicopter was in 95 when I did my CFI/CFII/ATP add on. It was 170 dollars an hour for an R-22 and I am pretty sure it is way over that now. There is a school in Oakland, California that specialises in what you are asking about. they fly the Hughes 269's and 300's. Dont remember the name, but maybe someone else could answer that one.

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