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Heart Palpitations and Tachycardia

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Pilot Guy
Nov 25, 2001
Anyone ever have this? I am on sick leave until it gets figured out.....
Well, I am serious. I am out on med until I get it figured out. I can either do medicine or an ablasion procedure (which I am scared of that).

Curious if any other pilots have had this and how they dealt with it.

BTW, I like LOST too!

I have not dealt with them,(luckily) but it looks like they are highly prepared/knowlegable and can get you back up asap for just about most things.

I have the site tagged as a favorite just in case.
I had an EP Study and a Heart Cath during the past 3 months... All is OK except my ticker is just not pumping too well..
Heart Palps are mostly externally related Stress/Diet/Alcohol/Caffeine
Tachycardia can really be helped by exercise/medicine
Funny you should ask about Palpitations and Tachycardia I am spending my second night in the hospital while I undergo test. The good news is my stress test showed no heart problems. They gave me a beta blocker today. I am trying to find out if tachycardia treated with beta blocker is acceptable for 2nd class medical. I would love some advice from anyone that has been in mine or SFR's position...
You can get a special issuance for a 1st class medical if your condition is controlled my approved medicine...
I am on my second Issuance in 3 years


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