Hear anything from AirTran lately??


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Nov 25, 2001
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Anyone get an interview at AirTran lately? If so, I am curious as to what they are looking for these days. Thanks...

SFR (formerly Shroth)


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Nov 29, 2001
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A lot of resumes on file. As for the interview just be yourself. It is really laid back....they want to know about you. If you know someone here have them walk your stuff in, it would help. Everyone I have met at Airtran have been very nice.

Ty Webb

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Dec 10, 2001
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Getting the interview is a matter of persistence and/or luck.

Jill N. has said recently that they have over 5000 resumes on file, and that, rather than dealing with a stack of resumes the size of a filing cabinet, they are mostly going by recommendations from current pilots.

It seems that they want 121 turbine PIC time (with glass time a plus), and some 135/91 jet PIC's are getting interviews too. Recently, a lot of Midway guys have been hired, and there are a lot of former CC Air and Commutair guys here.

It really comes down to a recommendation right now. If you don't have one available, I would fax, e-mail and mail an update every two weeks, with perhaps an occaisional (monthly) voice message for Greta or Jill.

Word is that we are going to be hiring at least 24/month in 2002 and we have been running a class every two weeks since Nov, so the odds are good if you are persistant, you will get a call.

The hardest part is getting the interview- it is not an "elimination" interview or a Cattle Call, they will offer most interviewees a job. Don't crash the sim, don't step on your crank, and you'll probably find yourself in class.