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Mar 4, 2002
I'm looking to buy a ENC Headset. Maybe even the Bose, has anyone used the Bose or David Clark or any other ENC headset for that matter? All feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I'm in a Dash-8
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ENC headsets....

Depends what airplane you fly. I had a Telex ANR 500 but it didn't do a very good job of keeping the noise in check in the J41 so after several recommendations, I replaced it with a Sennheiser HMEC 25-KA. Does an excellent job and I have found that it is as quiet as my old DC H10-13.4 but it only weighs around 7 ounces. Makes it really nice for the long days. Cost = $515 at MarvGolden.com. Hope that helps.
Well I love the Sennheiser HMEC-300, we use it in the Pitts and its extremely quiet. Its has the ENC of the HMEC 25-KA but with passive added on.

They are great in both open cockpit and aerobatic aircraft. They are the only ENC company that I know that sells them with the mesh helmet as a option.

The biggest thing about them is that they don't have the low rumbling that I hear in the Lightspeeds.

Bose is great, but expensive, and they don't suggest that you use them in open cockpit and aerobatic aircraft.
Doesn't anybody use tomato cans and a kite string any more?

Does anybody know where I can get the string repaired?
I use the David Clark in a Beech 1900 and think they are great. Not sure about the rest, but DC gives you great service as well. I dropped the headset and cracked the ENC case. They replaced the parts for free.

I've got a Peltor 7006. Its passive only... but I've compared a lightspeed to it, and the peltor was quieter. Its very light and durable. I'd love to try the peltor ANR. It looks like the Peltor Cirrus 8007 is the same thing as my 7006.
I use the LightSpeed 20XL and I really like them. They are comfortable and the only time that they aren't is on a cold morning. The padding gets hard until your head warms them up. They are the only headset I have worn that doesn't feel like it is squeezing too hard or give me a headache( I have a big head). They run a long time on 2 AA batteries also.
I bought a Bose a few months ago and I love it. It's very VERY light, great sound and noise cancelling, comfy and the best part, fits in my flight bag. It doesn't feel like a clamp on my head on those long days.

The cost is a bit much but Bose has outstanding service. I was using a Telex anr500 for a couple years but it's itty bitty ear cups didn't fit around my ears.

My hearing is more important to me than vanity so I chose the Bose. :p
I use the Bose and I love them. I've had them for 2 years now and they have always been comfortable. --- Snoopy
Last year, I had the opportunity to get a little turbine time in a Conquest, with those Garrett engines you can hear from the next county.

The plane was equipped with the Bose headsets, which were light and very effective at making a high noise environment into a place of quiet concentration. I'm convinced the Bose sets were a big ingredient in my ability to rise to the occaision and fly the plane. In an hour and a half of flying, I was ready for more. After an hour and a half wearing my DC's, I'm ready for a new head.

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