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Headset music attachment

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Well-known member
Nov 7, 2003
I've heard people saying that they've seen people that have attachments that people put their iPods or music on and plug them onto their headsets, so they can listen to music as they fly, but whenever ATC or other people in the cockpit talk, the music is muted. I have the Bose Aviation X heatset and want to see if I can get this kind of attachment somewhere...anywhere....(if it really exists!)
This is done with your intercom. Look for a small plug. If you have one just plug your music source in and you're all set.
my lightspeeds have an input for that and a cell phone. comes in handy on long solo x-c's
Yeh, that's what you get for buying a Bose.. :) For the price, they shoulda included this lil' function..

I have a set of lightspeeds.. Flying is much better done to music.. :)
On my headset, you have two options - mute or no mute.. In our airplanes they have intercom's with audio inputs and they will also auto-attenuate (mute) when squelch is broken..
I've tried it but the constant muting and un-muting is really distracting... and you can't sing along because it'll mute ;)
Theres a product available called the muse personal music device. I know Chief Aircraft has them. They supposably mute the music when ATC talks. I just went to Radio Shack, and bought me a cable adapter for the audio portion of a headset. The muse was over 100 bucks. The cable from Radio Shack was about 5 bucks. I don't need it to mute when ATC talks, and it sure is nice on the longer 4+hour trips.
Yeh, the light speeds let you pick muting or no muting. :)

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