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Headset for jet use: 1 or 2 plug?

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VFR on Top

Dorkprop Driver
Nov 30, 2001
I have an opportunity to pick up a Plantronics MS-50 two-plug headset for cheap, wondering if it's the right type for jet cockpit use. Also, recommendations for a place to get an earpiece mold done in So. Cal. appreciated. Thanks.
They work fine, you might want to get a "Y" and extra tubing, to have sound in both ears. That's why I switched to a Telex - needed the sound in both ears.
The standard two plugs work fine in most of the jets out there. Just make sure you dont get a single j plug as that is for helicopters and youll need an adapter to make them work. My telex "airman 750's" work great. Around 180.00 at marvgolden - there in San Diego.

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