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Hawthorne University??

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Active member
Feb 24, 2002
Has anyone heard about " Hawthorne University" out of Salt Lake? just wondering if their degree is recognized by the airlines, and if anybody has been through their program. I have heard that a few people got their degrees from Hawthorne and now are flying for majors!?!?
I know several "Hawthorne Alumni" ands they are all working for the majors. Its not going to impress anyone but it has filled in that square for a lot of guys. Delta is the only airline I know of that has a list of degrees it will accept. Hawthorne is not on their list.
Its not official, they just won't call you for an interview if they don't like your degree
I have a degree from Hawthorne. SWA looked at it and did not bat an eye. They seemed happy with it. I would recommend it.

Good luck.
I have a buddy flying at Northwest that got a degree from Hawthorne, they didn't question it, in fact, at his interview (about 6 years ago) they looked at it as a positive, since he had recently completed it.
I'll bite... is it an online degree? does anyone know thier website?


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