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Hawker 850XP

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Nov 25, 2005
Can anybody me with some takeoff numbers for the 850XP. We often go to a 4000ft length field at sealevel. What type of range does the 850XP have out of there on a wet and dry runway? Any help would be great.
Almost none. Wet, Forget it.

With the Hawker you can easily land places you can not get out of. KDNL was to tight for us this week. Landing was a piece of cake. Take off was a no go.
I love our Hawker, but if you need to do 4000ft on a regular basis, The Hawker is not your bird.
Can any midsize airplane other than the Excel, Sovereign and Falcon 50 reliably do 4000' with any kind of payload & range capacity?

FWIW (not much), I've been told a G100 could leave HXD @ 30C with 4 passengers & bags and fly 500-600nm.
you can take 4 passengers (800 lbs) out of a SL, 4000, 30c runway and fly 2 hours (800nm) + 1 hr Res. in a Lear 45XR

Wet takeoff isn't going to work.

Landing 4000 no problems, have done it many times.
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If Hilton Head is the Airport in question, The extra 300 feet makes a big difference on the Hawker.

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