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Hawker 800XP

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Nov 25, 2005
We are getting an 800XP in a couple of weeks. They are putting the API winglets on and I haven't seen the performance numbers on it yet. I have a coulple of questions I hope somebody can help me with. I know what API says it will do but I am looking for what people are actualy seeing. Also, we us flightplan.com. I see 3 choices for performance. The HS-125-800, Hawker800XP Int. cr, and Hawker 850XP. Wondering what you guys use if you use flightplan.com?
Never have flown with the winglets. I hear they are great. I have many hours in the XP and its a great airplane! But like most, it lacks baggage space. Congrats on the Hawker!
If you are flying below FL390, you won't see a difference. If you are at 390-410, you'll see about 7% difference in fuel savings. However, when it's time to sell the plane you'll get your money back from the winglets. It's like a glorified savings account haha.
We were one of the first to convert our 800A. Great mod. You will see better time to climb. Better handling. Better acceleration. Makes it a great plane.
Put the API winglets on our 800A back in 2006. Most noticeable difference for us was improved second segment climb, particularly on hot summer days out of SDL. Easily got the +20 KTAS and +2000' on initial cruise altitude planning. Anywhere from 7 to 10% fuel savings. The investment was a no-brainer, before the economy tanked, not only were you getting your money back, but the aircraft were selling pretty quickly on the preowned front. Obviously things are quite different now.

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