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Hawaiian Info

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Green Banana

Request Direct Honolulu..
Dec 16, 2001
Anyone out there have any info on hawaiian? I am looking for info on FO pay. How long it takes to hold a 767 as an fo and what the cap.pay for 767. Also is there any E-Contract that I can get a hold of?

Awesome post Jim, and I am not just kissing your butt.
I would do anything and everything to get on with HAL.
I have at least 6 friends there and in fact, If I ever got on with DAL or AAL, etc., I would still apply to HAL.

Thanks for all the specific info.


Si Yous Mas'se
You mentioned returning the DC-10's. I thought we (CAL) leased them to you guys long term until 2010.

Is that not correct or did HAL buy them?
Hawaiian schedules

Hey Jim,

Was just wondering if you knew any of the typical schedules for the different fleets there?

Thanks for being very informative!
thanks for the reply Jim. I've been flying so i just now saw it. What were your times and experience when you got on with Hawaiian just out of curiousity???

Thanks again!

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