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Hawaiian Chatter


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Oct 30, 2012
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From the other forum...

Whats the latest and greatest with Hawaiian? Nice to hear about hiring, I suppose the real hiring will start when the 321s come online. End of 2016 maybe? Also saw some figures on Hawaiians widebody pay, lower in comparison to other legacy peers, any HAL guys know if the priority is to bring that up in the next round. Lastly with a young pilot group and all the forcasted on the books aircraft purchases would a newhire expect to be right seat indefinitely? Any ideas or conjecture welcome, thanks.


Latest is that I flew 94 hours last month on Reserve on the 330... Hiring 6 will hardly make a dent in how short we are.

Greatest is we've got a new MEC that is DEAD SET on getting us an industry leading contract as a legcy. A lot more than pay is broken. Trip rigs, days off, reserve, vacation, sick, training pay, bla bla bla. All behind and all concessionary era language.

And for once since I've been here I've taked to enough guys that I have faith this pilot group will hold the line and continue to raise the bar. Guys have had enough and are fired up.


Oh and to your point about age and seniority. I've never been anywhere besides a commuter back in the 90s with so many 30somthing year old captains and 50'some year old captains with 30 years etc.

If hired here in the next few years plan to be an FO for years. If you're in your 40's or 50's plan to be a terminal FO



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Feb 7, 2005
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My thoughts....thanks for the stock price increase this year. You guys made me some cash!!! Best of luck going forward.