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Having "fun at work".

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radiofly er

Well-known member
May 28, 2002
I believe most of the american airlines are now hiring pilots by their "having fun at work" motto. Well, lucky for other airlines, the America West pilots were the only ones having fun that day.

Does anybody know why these pilots got hired in the first place?
An American West flight about to takeoff was called back to the gate by the tower. At the gate police officers were waiting, administered alcohol tests to the pilots. It appears, that one screener smelled alcohol,not coffee on one of the pilots. The results were positive. In times like these, and in any times specially, we have to be carefull about our jobs. These pilots will never get hired again, I just think this could have been prevented by the company in some way or another, or maybe the word is getting around, that pilots are having to much fun on the job.

Slug, you better get that checked.
Isnt one or two of those NorthWest guys still working?
The NWA Capt who went to prison was eventually pardoned, rehired by NWA, re-upgraded to Capt, and (I think) he's retired now. If you get a chance to see his whole story (there was a 20/20 or 60 Minutes segment on him) it's actually kind of inspirational...

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