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Has anyone gone from the cockpit to maintenance?

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Active member
Apr 29, 2002
I'm starting to think it may not be a bad idea. More money to start and home every night. (Yes, I have an A&P).
Hello!!! I worked as a mechanic for 5 years and now i am a full time pilot.
i would find something else to do other than aviation. You can make more money driving bus for city. just my 2 cents
I went from wrenching(12+ years) to the cockpit-never looked back. More pay now (finally) the bad part is being away from home so much.
If you can make a decent living and would enjoy it, why not give it a shot unless you would lose alot.
I've been laid off from wrenching and flying,(not now) though it seems there are always jobs available for A&P's at my home airport.
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Gone both ways, from the cockpit to the wrench, and wrench to cockpit, and a lot of time spent doing both. More money to start? You're kidding, right?

Do a little more research. I'm not saying you wouldn't enjoy it, or that you couldn't make a living at it...just not a good one.

Thirteen to twenty four months of school makes you...an entry level mechanic, able to earn entry level wages.

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