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Has ALPA deserted Emery???


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Dec 2, 2001
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28 yrs
What the heck is going on with ALPA and the crewmembers of the former Emery Worldwide Airlines?

There was supposed to be an arbitration meeting late last week which was either cancelled or ALPA didn't show. It also said on the EWA crewmember's website that ALPA is not communicating with the EWA Council 110 MEC.

Can someone please explain what is happening???

If ALPA has indeed deserted the crewmembers of EWA, then I am ashamed to belong to this "union".

What the heck is going on???



Purple is a fruit!


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Nov 25, 2001
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Yes indeed something does not smell right about the ALPA relationship with Emery. Just yesterday they had their ALPA website pulled down from the Emery crewmembers.

Check out their new web site (non-ALPA): www.boxhauler.com

There are several timelines about what is going on leading up to the Emery MEC being thrown out. And they were very close to geting an ALPA/Labor Board arbitrated deal from the parent company of CNF.

Something indeed is not going right with ALPA. You smaller (regional airlines) and other freight dogs, beware of ALPA, they just don't have your full interests at heart! They are only there to look after the "big" mainline airlines.

Ex Emery -6 years