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Harbour Island MYEH

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I flew a cher. 6 out to South Eluethra, and Harbours Island about a year ago. Awesome time. Only suggestion is that you have cash, because like the rest of the bahamas cash is king. Cab to the ferry-$20, Ferry to Har. Island $5.00. Most of the places there are mom and pop types, and have amazing sea food. You can see most of the island in a day. Enjoy the trip, it is well worth it.
Harbour Island


Whats the budget?

Pink Sands Hotel/Restaurant $$$$ rooms are 500+ a night
Runaway Hill Hotel/ Restaurant $$$ rooms 350+
Coral Sands Hotel $$$
The Landing Restaurant $$$
Angela's Starfish Restaurant $$
Ma Ruby's $$ Relatively Cheap rooms
Rent a House if you are going for a week. You can then cook food and save a bit of money.

The shacks on the harbour (Bahamian Spelling) serve great Cracked Conch, Mac and Cheese Bahamian Style, Conch Salad.

The Beach is the big draw and you might see Elle McPherson running at low tide, no kidding!

Night life at Gusty's.
Harbour Lounge for Sunset cocktails with a great sunset

Snorkeling/Dive trip is always great fun.

Bring a book to read on the beach, it is a great place to chill out. The water is awesome. The island is small (3miles x 3/4 mile) and a rental bike works fine.
Take you ID

Having worked in the FLA-Bahamas game for 20 years, I can assure you that with proper planning, most of the hotels in the Family Islands happily give a pilot disount. Get a copy of the 2005 Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot's Guide at www.pilotspub.com or 800-521-2120. An outstanding publication with charts, color aerial photos of airport, customs/immigration procedures and appr plates for flying down island with ads for lodges that are pilot friendly. Enjoy and don't forget to bring me back some conch salad and bimini bread.
Thanks for all the suggestions

The trip to Harbour Island was great. The ride down was on a Beech 1900 and that was a rocket ship (compared to what I usually fly). Yes, "cash is king" but I knew that from doing charters to the bigger islands. This was my first vacation in 4 years (making that big helicopter pilot money, you know). We rented a small house right on the beach!!!!! And here's the greatest thing that could ever happen....Elle McPherson was my next door neighbour ... well NO. Ok the second greatest thing that could ever happen was the people who were leaving, left us four (4) cases of beer and 3 huge bottles of rum!!!!! I don't think I can put into words how beautiful and how much fun this Island is. I strongly suggest you check it out. It is very affordable if you split it with a group and it's a place that I'm going to go to more often.
Thanks again guys
Elle McPherson

Be1900... a rocketship? Sure, if you fly a lawn chair. Oh, I forgot,you fly something that has the wings flying faster than the fuselage.

I would trade you 8 cases of beer and six bottles of rum just to smell Elle's thong!!
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