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Guy gets a crash ax to the head!

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Simon Says

New Airbus Regional Jet
Dec 19, 2001
Just heard it on the news. A United flight from Miami to Buenos Aires had a passenger kicking at the flight deck door. The flight crew opened the door and found a crazed man. FO gets the crash ax and plants it between the dudes eyes. HAHAHAHA. After several passengers subdues the crazed man with a crash ax firmly planted the jet makes a safe landing. Kudos to the crew, but just one question. Why did they open the door?

Anyways I just heard this on the news so who knows how much of it is true.
I just saw that also. They said he may have busted through the door. As you said it's still early. Again good job to the crew and pax for bringing this a$$ hole down.
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- The co-pilot on a United Airlines flight from Miami to Buenos Aires, Argentina, struck an unruly passenger on the head with an ax Thursday morning after the man forced his way into the plane's cockpit, officials and passengers said.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown said the plane landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, without incident. She said the ax used to subdue the man was one usually carried on the plane.

Judy Orihuela, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Miami, said the man was identified as Pablo Moreira, 28, a Uruguay banker. Moreira is in the custody of Argentine police and FBI agents, Orihuela said. He will be returned later Thursday to Miami, where he will be charged with interfering with a flight crew, Orihuela said.

Passenger Jan Boyer said he was sleeping when a commotion awoke him and he got out of his seat to investigate.

"I faced an individual who was basically kicking the door of the cockpit in sort of a kung-fu style," Boyer said. "I said, 'What are you doing?' And he said, 'I want to talk to the captain.'

"The cockpit door is divided into two sections, and the lower section actually opens up ... and he had actually inserted himself, his torso into the cockpit," Boyer said. He said he and other passengers jumped on the man, and the plane's co-pilot then hit the man "bluntly on the head" with the ax.

"This led to a lot of blood all over the place," Boyer said. He said the man then was dragged out of the cockpit and restrained.

Officials said Moreira was not carrying a weapon and did not appear to be drinking.

United Flight 855 carried 142 passengers and 15 crew members.

The cockpit of the plane had a reinforced door, the FAA said.

Moreira was described as "stable" and "lucid" after being seen by a doctor at the airport in Buenos Aires, where the Boeing 777 landed about three hours after the incident.
Its only been an hour and the stories are already starting to change. Hmmm what happened to quality broadcasting.

Anyways I am glad that the crew didnt actually open the door, but I still wish the part of a crash ax planted into the guys skull was true.
Just another reason to get some sort of weapon instead of that clumsy axe for us drivers(although it looks like it worked this time). How about a 12 guage with bird shot?
Sure the guy will sue - the voices made him do it or whatever. He did'nt actually make it into the cockpit, so it has to be United's fault, right?
but remember..... we're still not allowed to have tweezers on board. They could cause fatal injuries.
How in the World did that guy survive and was actually conscious after getting hit with an ax!? Was the ax made by Tonka or what?

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