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Gulfstream Street Captains

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V Murdda...
Apr 13, 2004
Got a buddy who just got hired as a street captain for Gulfstream. Told me that the company said they are going to type him and ATP him in his initial groundschool, put him as an FO for 3 months and then he's in the left seat.

What's the take on this? Is this too good to be true? I know Gulfstream has a bad rap with pay to play stuff, but as a legitimate crewmember/captain will he be able to find work with a Southwest or an Airtran or be branded as a Gulfstreamer and get his resume tossed?
I don't think they care where you came from, but I think most want to see time in something bigger than the 1900.
My company flies Metro's and 1900's single pilot under 135 cargo and our pilots are consistently getting picked up by Southwest, UPS, America West, etc... So I wouldn't say that they are 100% going for bigger then a 1900.
At the risk of helping hijack this thread even more..........

they want to see that someone you know is already at the company and personally vouching that your the shiznit. If the airplane your captain on meets the company minimum requirements why not........I can't think of too many regionals I'd reccomend that would guarantee you PIC in one of these shiny regional jets anytime soon, CRAP SHOOT! So many think is that is only key to the next level......it maybe the safer route, but its not always the quickest.

Also I don't think having Gulfstream on your buddies resume is going to hurt him. If he got hired as an off the street non pay for training 1900 Cpt, the guy already had some experience in his history somewhere.......I'm sure he wasn't coming from the flight instructor scene. AD

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