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Gulfstream (off the street captain)

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Well-known member
Aug 6, 2005
I heard the GIA is hiring captains off the street these days. Would it be a good idea to try to get on ? I know that there is some negative things out there about their PFT deal which does not exist anymore but if you did not go through that program, could it still impact your chances of getting hired some place else?
I doubt it. There are many here that would disagree, but I know a guy that went that route and it has never affected him. After furloughs and stuff he is at his second Major airline and fourth heavy jet job. No one has ever mentioned the PFT thing in any of his interviews. I give him crap about it from time to time over a cold beer though!!! :)
The FO PFT thing is still going there actually. Aside from that, you could do worse than GIA. Their IBT contract is pretty decent for a small 1900 operator. You'll get a decent amount of days off once you get off reserve. At least that's how it used to be. It's been a few years, but I doubt it's changed that much. Hard days when you work, but most lines had 15 days off or so. Good luck.
Don't forget to have your instructor rating current.

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