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Gulfstream IV, 400, 450 and BBJ openings


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Sep 17, 2005
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I just saw on www.xxxxxxxx.com that Clay lacy is looking for Gulfstream and BBJ pilots, Does anybody know about Clay Lacy Aviation? I hear the pay is OK and you work quite a bit. Anything else to know?
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Spooky 1

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Nov 28, 2004
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I don't subscribe to that job service but it's hard to believe that Lacy would be advertising for BBJ positions when the SoCal area is crawling with former B737-800, pilots albeit they might not have the corporate DNA that he wants. He has former airline guys manning his B727, so this might be a few notchs up on the corporate scale.

Lacy scabbed at UAL so expect some real hostile incoming posts any minute now.