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Gulfstream G100 Captain (Milwaukee, WI)


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Jan 9, 2004
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Reposted with permission from www.AviaNation.com jobs board:

Company Name: Sterling Aviation, LLC Internal Code:
Position: Gulfstream G100 Captain (Milwaukee, WI) Description: Job Description:
• The aircraft and dedicated crew will be based in
Racine/Milwaukee Wisconsin
• Projected flight hours of 150 Part 91/250 part 135 per
year and will be operated on Sterling Aviations Air Carrier
Certificate. •

* Successful candidate will be required to sign a 1 year
pro-rated promissory note for 1st year training at Flight

Minimum Qualifications / Special Skills and Certifications:
- Gulfstream G-100/Astra Type Rating
- FSI recurrent within last 12 months in the G-100 (Part 135
- 5,000 Total Time – Fixed Wing
- 3,000 Pilot in Command – Fixed Wing
- 2,500 Pilot in Command – Multi Engine Land Fixed Wing
- 500 Hours in Actual Instrument Conditions
- 1000 Hours Turbojet – Fixed Wing
- 500 Hours Pilot in Command Turbojet – Fixed Wing
- 250 Hours PIC time in the G100
- 1st Class Medical
- US Passport
- Live/relocate within 90 minutes of Racine or Milwaukee,

Ideal Candidate will have the following attributes: - Being
dedicated and taking pride in providing the aircraft owner
with a safe and professionally run Corporate Flight
Department experience. - Being pleasant with others on
the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative
attitude. - Being reliable, responsible, and dependable
while fulfilling obligations. - Attention to detail. - Accepting
criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high
stress situations. - Being open to change and
considerable variety in the workplace. - A willingness to
take on responsibilities and challenges.

Sterling Aviation is a privately held, full-service corporate
aviation firm specializing in aircraft management, air
charter, aircraft maintenance, and acquisition support of
aircraft for private travel. Sterling holds certifications as an
FAA Part 135 on-demand worldwide air carrier and an FAA
Part 145 repair station. View our web site at
www.SterlingAviation.com for further information on our

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.
Please apply by e-mailing your resume and salary
requirements to hr@sterlingaviation.com. Address: Sterling Aviation, LLC
5480 South Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

URL: http://www.sterlingaviation.com/Careers.nws