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Guard interview?????

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
was wondering if anyone can give me some information on the lanel interview the guard holds when your going in to fly for them. all i really know is it is a panel interview. are they going to ask techinical questions or just feel me out on who i am as a person. any info would be great, thanks.

Depends on the unit. My DCANG 121FS interview was very professional. 4 part-time guys, with varying grades, interviewed me. They asked me questions about me...my motivations...why I wanted to do this, etc. I didn't get one technical question about flying. I didn't expect to. UPT/LIFT/FTU would take care of all of that. They pretty much just poked and prodded through my resume. They did ask me if I've ever had any emergencies in an airplane and to describe it. They asked me if I'd have a problem dropping bombs on people. They asked if I understood the committment involved. Do you still want to join if you can't be a pilot? Is it pilot then officer or officer then pilot? Etc. Pretty straightforward questions. Yes, they want to get to know you. See if you're the kind of person they'd want on their wing in combat...as well as someone they could probably share quarters with while on deployment. There are no tricks in these interviews. I got no mental math questions or riddles. That is my experience....from 3 years ago.

Good luck.

Tricky questions

"If you truly believe in 'officer before a pilot', then why won't you join as anything other than a pilot?"

"Would you stay with this unit if we changed from fighters to heavies?"

......How do you answer these sorts of questions? Will they understand if you answered "no" to the second question?
Your goal is to be an OFFICER and a PILOT in the armed forces. You have invested SO MUCH time, money, and energy into being a pilot, that if that opportuntity does not exist right now you would like to be considered later when such an opportunity does exist. In the meantime, althought THIS unit, branch of service, etc. is your FIRST CHOICE you will continue to look for other options.

Pilots hiring you aren't idiots. They understand that you want to fly and wouldn't really be happy doing anything else. However--you need to demonstrate you understand you do have to be an OFFICER as well as a heavy equipment operator.

Good luck,

Ahhh thank you Albie. Always wondered about that one. Somehow I've always felt that way, but haven't managed to put it into words quite like you did. :)

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