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GTA Dallas

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Melatonin Addict
Mar 18, 2003
Hey gang,

I'm an old freightdawg of old. This carrier recently was inquiring about employment possibilities. Does anyone have any beta on this company? I am going to recommend a friend apply if the company is sound.



I can't help you with GTA, but I used to do contract flying for Telesis Express based out of ADS. Telesis uses GTA for some of their routes I believe. I know for a fact that Telesis is hurting for pilots to fly the Cessna 401/402 and the Aerostar and they are currently hiring. The DO is weird but Mark the CP is a really great guy who does his best to take care of the pilots IMHO. All in all Telesis is a good place to get some experience and fly with a good group of guys. Sorry I don't know too much about GTA. Hope this helps!

FLY SAFE :beer:
There is some info on here about GTA. Use the search

My old roommate had the job over the phone. That should tell you something. The pay is around 1250 a month. He wend down there and took a look at the operation and said it was a rat F*ck. Read the post and Iam sure you will want to stay away.
Im a long time reader but never posted here. never had anything important to say, but I can help out here.

There is some stuff out there already on gta a lot of it negative but most people only add when they got to b1tch about something, and never worked here anyway. I fly for them so here the skinny.

They will hire you with 1 hour of multi time as long as you have 1200 total, clear faa record, and a comm. inst. 1000$ per month to start in bonanza, 250$ pay raise for 402 checkout 250$ raise for baron checkout. If your good they will upgrade you really fast, if your clueless on how to fly ifr in really busy airspace, plan to spend some time in the singles. They do make you sign a 1 year contract but that is unofficially pro rated depending on how much $$$ they spend to train you. They wont go after you for it unless you use them to get an 8410 and never fly a route. (it happened, thats where the contract came from) There are ways to make more money weekends, on demand work, company instructor, help out in the shop etc.

I know 1500 sounds like really poor pay but if you come from podunk like myself and had to move for a job anyway, they have a company apartment that you can stay in for free. So all of that 1500 becomes disposable income. I had other offers when I took this job but go find another freight company thats pays eneugh to clear 1500 a month after your living expenses. With that 1500 per month I'm puting money in the bank every month with no outside income. Thats why I took this job.

Maint. isn't any different than most other 135 carriers. Some of the little stuff like panel lights dont get fixed often, but major stuff is pretty good. The company flys about 1400 hours per month for 15 years and only had one fatal crash where the pilot didnt switch tanks ran them dry and flipped over on final. I dont think theres been one MX caused crash. (there have been engine failures and forced landings but who hasnt?)

The bad - Work weeks are generaly long, lots of duty and flight time. Most routes are 60+ duty hour weeks. Several routes spend the week in different cities and you might not even get back to dallas till the weekend. You do have to explain to management why you were late, didnt go, etc, They do reward the risk takers as long as nothing bad happens. Some guys say they feel pressure to go, but I dont.

My advice. If your single and have no wife, kids, etc. and can live in the company apartment, dont mind flying being your entire life, this place isnt bad. If you have or want your own place and/or need free time to see your family gta sucks.

Thats what I can tell ya about GTA.

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