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Groundpounding ATL without getting shot

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Aug 10, 2004
I am getting an opportunity to spend all Friday walking around ATL with a number of resumes. My main objective is to introduce myself to a number of departments without violating any cold-calling etiquette.

I plan on being polite, using a suit, smiling when they don't let me through the gate, and hopefully will at least get the name and mailing address of the chief pilot.

I understand Friday is probably not the best day (lack of choice), but I wondered if you guys knew of any other pitfalls that I have inadvertently [font=&quot][/font]overlooked.

I am planning on making the rounds around FTY, RYY, and PDK hopefully without the police showing up to escort me off property in a straight jacket:)

As always, I appreciate any comments, concerns, advice, or jokes.
this is just me but I would call first. and If you are going to the main offices I don't see why you would be worried about the police. As long as you aren't trying to get through security without a boarding pass or security clearence you should be fine.
PM me, I'll try to help you out with where to go and not go at PDK.
Just fyi...
Flightworks has their hangar at the airport (RYY) obviously, but the main offices are about 5 miles east of the airport off of Chastain. Anyone you would be looking to talk to would be at the main offices. Go to flightworks.com for more info. Click on employment and fill out resume online prior to meeting and greeting. I know we are currently hiring a C650 FO in ATL. Good luck.
I'd be more worried about the pimps and hoes on crack surrounding FTY. If you're into that I guess its okay then.

Check out the Cheetah, Pink Pony, and Mardis Grass while you are here. When you go to FTY there are a couple of places on Fulton Ind. but they are really scary from what I here. :) I wouldn't go out after dark over there.

Seriously, I would call and try to get a contact name for each place before you come calling. Unfortunately I have seen the resume go in the garbage before reaching the right hands because it was given to the wrong person. However, GOOD LUCK!
Thanks GAcfi!

Appreciate the advice. I tried to call in advance, but most of the exec assistants were running pretty decent screens-- as they should. I made the rounds at FTY and PDK and managed to avoid most of the crack houses although one turned out to be pretty good-- more of a family place :) My resume probably ended up in a fair amount of trash cans, but it felt good being proactive.

Thanks again for the posts and PMs of advice. They were helpful.

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