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Ground School Instructor FYI

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2004
Position: Ground School Instructor
Department: Flight Operations
Reports to: Chief Pilot/Director of Training and Safety
Secondary Report: President
Last updated: October 3, 2010

Designs courses and/or provides classroom instruction to flight crew in ground school including such subjects as aircraft systems, operation procedures, emergency procedures, troubleshooting, navigation, civil air regulations, and company policies and procedures Conducts aircraft visits and procedure training in both static aircraft and procedures trainers. Assists in cockpit familiarization. Maintains and secures assigned training equipment, training aids, manuals, course material, and supplies. Maintains required training records, files, and reports. Provides special instructions and counseling for weak students. Does not include simulator instructions. The Ground School Instructor reports directly to the Director of Training and Safety and the Chief Pilot and will coordinate with the Director of Operations. Today's technological environment requires that this person have sophisticated computer and communication skills compatible with computer programs, audio visual presentation and instructional techniques.

Q Conduct: Initial Basic Indoc ,Recurrent Basic Indoc, Aircraft Specific for C208, BE200, BE400, J4100, Emergency Training, Hazmat Training
Q Assist in the maintenance of manuals pertaining to flight operations.
Q Accomplish special projects and other duties assigned by the Chief Pilot/Director of Operations.
Q Conduct in-house training courses.
Q Conduct initial and recurrent training for new employees.
Q Maintain technical library to support in-house training requirements.
Q Determines and reports on student proficiency.
Q Develops new methods, techniques, and training aids for increased efficiency.

Q Bachelor’s degree or combination of education and experience CFI and CFII
Q Strong organization skills and Strong computer skills
Q 2-3 years instructional experience
Q Strong customer service orientation and experience and ability to interact with Executives
Q Ability to work under pressure and coordinate complex tasks
Q Ability to maintain strict confidentiality when dealing with sensitive or security issues involving aircraft and Company and Government information
Q Ability to interact effectively as a team member
Q Ability to adapt to changes and remain mission oriented

Work hours can extend past normal business hours
Some after hours accessibility via cell phone/Blackberry is required
This job is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida
Not all candidates will be called for interviews

Send Resume to [email protected]

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