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Green Card Holder and TSA


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Oct 2, 2003
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Ok everyone, I'm trying to navigate this TSA alien flight training b.s.

I have a perspective student who holds a US Private Pilot Certificate based on a British PPL. He is a permanent resident with right to work in the US (i.e. a green card holder). He wants to get his US private pilot (unrestricted), instrument rating and eventually a commercial. I've read through the FAQ on the flightschoolcandidate.gov website and the way I see it he has to go through the whole process (application, fingerprinting, photo, etc.) to train for these certificates and ratings. Do you agree? He also needs a flight review right away, and it seems we can do that without TSA approval since it is recurrent training. All of the training will be in his airplane which is US registered. Any help would be appreciated.


Sep 20, 2005
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Since he already has his private and instrument,he doesnt need tsa clearance to get his commercial..BUT when its time for Multi engine,his needs clearance. In other words,you need the clearance only when you get private,instrument,multi-engine,and a type rating. I checked that myself.