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Great Plains & Big Sky

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Jump Pilot

Well-known member
Dec 31, 2001
Any word on hiring or future plans at these two companies? Nothing on the Great Plains website and calls to Big Sky were unanswered.

Looks like Great Plains applied for bailout money last month. I heard that Big Sky at one point was possibly losing the southern route system, although I still hear them coming out of BWD.

Did a search of the message board and no recent posts.

Why is there duct tape on your jump plane? Sir, that ain't duct tape. It's high-speed adhesive.
I can help you out with the issue at Big Sky. I have a friend there that is a captain and he called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that it was official that they lost their southern routes. It also states that on Mesa's website that they will be taking over the routes in the fall, I believe. I guess that is what Big Sky wanted. They were not making money on those routes. I guess they are trying to expand in the Northwest area. There have been talks about them going in to Olympia, WA and Portland. They already serve Seattle, but there are a number of people who commute from Portland to the south Puget Sound area that don't want to deal with driving and also the nasty traffic in the SEA-TAC area. I spoke with the chief pilot and Director of FLight Ops back in April and they wanted me to come in for an interview when they would be hiring again. It looks for short term that they may have to furlough until they get enough routes up north to compensate for the loss down south. Also, my friend told me that the customers up north are not happy with the metro's and that they are looking in to getting some Beech 1900's and even some Saab 340's. These are all rumors up in Billings, so who knows. I would love to fly for Big Sky. When I visited up there, they were very laid back and a very cool group of people.
Great Plains has been interviewing and should be hiring more in the near future. We finally got a signed contract with Fairchild Dornier for 4 more jets to be delivered by year's end if the financing details are finalized as expected.

Good luck!

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