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Great Lakes?

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It wasn't full of personal attacks, they were simply statements of fact. We can talk about CEO incompetence, but apparently not the hazardous incompetence of a pilot. Incompetence that is part of the public record! www.ntsb.gov.

Anyway, inquiring minds want to know. Where is L.E. now?

Ever heard the incapacitation story? FO says he has a headache, she flips, tells ATC that a crewmember is "incapacitated" and diverts to ALS with emergency equipment standing by. FO has to get a CT scan, paid for out of his own pocket to get flying again.
Better yet:

She gets a cargo door light in cruise. (Keep in mind B1900 cargo door, 6ft x 6ft, half of the airplane's aft section is cargo door). Decides to divert to PUB. Starts descent. Changes mind. Climbs out, proceeds to destination. Several pilots write information reports based solely on the wild, dramatic, frightening discussion of hers on company freq.

Icy night, props sling a bit at the cabin. At the first "whump," she turns in her seat, looks at the FO, and asks in all seriousness "Are we going to be OK???" Batt Tie Open annunciator illuminates (it's just a caution, about as inconsequential as they get, and happens every few months) Same reaction, asks the brand new FO if they're gonna make it.

And don't get me started on how often she managed to touch you in the course of conversation. Stay on your side of the cockpit, you crazy loon!
AWACoff said:
And I thought when the #1 guy on the list left for Alaska, the danger had passed.

You talking about Jake? If so that is unfounded. He is a great stick.
That's frightening. One more proof that getting canned from Lakes is usually a positive career move.

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