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Great Lakes Info.

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I do not have fax #, but from there web side you should be able to get what you need. good luck.

Att:Chife pilot:
1965 330th st.
Spencer Municipal Airport,
IA 51301-9211
Um, as the last Laker (pilot-wise) to leave Spencer, IA when we moved company headquarters to Cheyenne, WY...I can whole heartedly say that sending a resume to Spencer won't do you much good. Boy, that SPW address brings up some memories...phew!

I know what you mean, I spent three long years in the hell they call Iowa (I-diots O-ut W-andering A-round). A much newer adress would be:

Great Lakes Aviation, LTD.
Attn: Chief Pilot Jeff Pomeroy
1022 Airport Rd
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Fax: (307)432-7201

Now as to if you want to do this Justincase. Lakes still has pilots out on furlough as can be seen in other posts. They also have a problem with staffing right now though. Lots of pilots are being junior manned with the lowest pay in the 121 industry ($15.30/hr starting FO). AND as far as postings on the GLA web site for financial results, they lost $15.6 million in the first nine months of 2001 alone (so much for a stable airline).
One more thing, as of a memo to pilots a couple months ago, Lakes is not even accepting resumes for new hire.

You're right about a couple of things. I do still have a paying job with Lakes, but I also interviewed at another company and had a fellow Laker there. This was only about 3-4 weeks ago and this guy was still on furlough with no letter or call from Lakes to indicate otherwise. He also said he was making more in unemployment as an FO for Lakes. I believe he had made it on line shortly before the 11th had been on reserve at the time so I don't know about this new hire class.

As for EAS, it doesn't make that much money, $300/landing isn't much to run an airline on. I know that this isn't the most Lakes makes in EAS money for some cities, but it also isn't the least. And with a loss of over $15 million last year it is going to take a long time to recover.

Lastly, you are right, they do hire low time guys, but how low of time will they take people with now?

I know that Lakes does have some good points. The pilots I fly with now are probably some of the best bunch of people I will ever fly with, if only Management would realize that. As for my spot on the seniority list, you can have it. My last day will be in less than two weeks. Good Luck.

After thinking of all the Jr mans I got last month I decided to delete my post, because I tended to agree with you more. I also meant to clarify that the new hires were guys that already interviewed last year and were dropped from training. Good luck in your new job, I'm right behind you, well in a year or so. I'm just trying to keep a good attitude here. oh, were did you go? If you don't want to post it, you can send it to me on a private post...whatever.
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