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Great Lakes Callback Info

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Another Hasbeen-Neverwas
Dec 10, 2001
If anyone is interested...

Lakes is calling back seven pilots from the April and May ground school classes. Four will be starting ground for the EMB-120 on April 15th. Three will start ground for the 1900D on April 8th. As for those of us who are numbered 8 through 37 from May and June ground school there is no word on what the plan is going to be. I did call Training and Mandy said they just mailed out a letter that we all will be getting shortly. See ya. staylow!
Be interested to hear what your letter says. Please post!
Also curious to hear what you know about the seniority of the various bases.
What I know...Focker

Hey Focker...

The seniority question you asked I can't answer. But I can tell you that 80% of all Lakes pilots are based out of DEN.

As for ORD and MSP they have the other 20%. I think more at ORD than MSP. I think the folks still holding on at those locations
must have the seniority to bid those routes. But I am not 100% sure.

By the way...any other APR/MAY/JUN Great Lakes ground school folks reading these posts? Appreciate any info if you got it.

See ya. staylow!
I think MSP actually has more crews than ORD. Seniority is kind of split between these bases with alot of old (lifers) in both. Of course as usual though I have started seeing movement out of the company and some of those senior ones being it. When will Lakes realize that if they pay us and treat us a little better it will be cheaper in the long run than a 200% turnover rate per year with the training costs associated with that. I think Lakes has just gotten dillusional in thinking that post Sept. 11 none of their pilots will be able to find jobs and so they have been treating us worse than ever. Unfortunate for them I did, as have others and we will all be happy to go.

To all my fellow Lakers who got drained from Air Willy, sorry and good luck, I hope your time comes soon.
Maybe the $7500 15 month training contract will tend to decrease the attrition, Hmmmmm? Oh well, I don't really have a problem with the contract and staying at Lakes for full 15 months. I think this training contracts maybe the wave of the future since a lot of companies are implementing them recently.
What a change. When I interviewed in '99 with way less than 1000TT, Chief Pilot Jim Tostenrud asked me how long I planned on staying. I said 2 years. Now training contracts....wow. It probably is about time though. Although now you guys might get stuck with some whiny bastUrds who can't hack it but don't want to lose their $7500.
When did they start training contracts??? I have heard nothing about it. I knew that it is what Lakes needed to do in order to stem the flow, but I also will be concerned at what people that will leave us with, not that GLA had a good reputation before. At least they used to be able to say that you could upgrade very quickly and be able to leave just as quickly.

Is this contract something the new hire has to pay or what you may have to pay if you leave. With the new training contracts as well, does this mean Lakes may actually pay new hires something during trng or only a hotel room still??
According to the way the letter was worded, you must pay back the $7,500 if you decide to leave the company prior to completion of 15 months of service.
The training contract was supposed to be in effect for the 2001 July class which never took place since all training was terminated at the end of June.
Letter from Lakes...

If anyone is interested...

Here is the highlights from the letter Lakes sent to all of the discontinued trainees.

1. At time of receiving the letter seven pilots have been called back to training.
2. Three when to the 1900D and four to the EMB-120.
3. Call backs are going to be slow. Five to 10 pilots a month until they get through the remaining 30 still waiting.
4. Everyone is going to have to complete ground school in its' entirty.
5. Pomeroy is going to try to give everyone enough lead time in notification to make arrangements to come.
6. He also said they are going to streamline traing to get people through as soon as possible.
7. There is a $7500 training contract that has to be signed just incase a pilot can't hang for 15 months.

Well there are the highlights...hope it helps. See ya. staylow!

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