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Great Idea..More SWA data from poolies..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello fellow poolies..

A poolie just reminded me of another idea on how to get more data for the pool..

Those of us that have been interviewd or will be shortly..Please make use of the interview e-mail contact sheet that you may have gotten in Dallas..

Although its hard to amagine anyone not knowing about this great board.. Those that arnt as well traveled on the Net will benefit from sharing their info with the pool..

So..If you have a e-mail contact sheet from your interview,please contact those on the list for two reasons..

One.. to get them to help with the data for the pool..And two..tell them about this great board..

Thanks to Falcon 1 for this great idea..

It is a list of everyone that you interview with and their emaill addresses. SWA will let you make a copy of this list so that everyone has a copy of everybody else addresses.
Great Idea on th e SWA list!

How often is the list updated and where is the best place to add the data? I entered my data via the link at the top of the list this last weekend and it is still not showing up on the list. It does not look like it has been updated. I am sure that others are in the same boat. Who ever is dedicating thier time to this I applaud! Just want to make sure that you have my numbers.

My stats:

Interview 24 Jul
Type 7 Oct
Pool 8 Oct

Best of luck to all,


MLBWINGBORN updates the list whenever he gets a chance....spoke to him a couple days ago and said he will be out of town for a few days. My guess is he'll get back this weekend and he'll update the list sometime next week.

How long have you been in the pool?
SWA Pool Info

Just a thought. You may want to include a column on your SWA poolie spreadsheet for those military types effected by Air Force Stop Loss. No telling when stop loss will end. It will give the guys down the list an idea of how dynamic scheduling a class date may become. Just another variable to keep everyone guessing.

As for me.....Stop/Loss effected? Yes! :(

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