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Grand Canyon flying jobs?

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Mar 14, 2002
Does anyone know about flying jobs at the Grand Canyon. I hear alot of people go there to build time. I imagine the pay is low, but maybee its a better way to build time than flight instructing? Can you get multi time there? Any help would be appreciated
Personal opinion..

I learned more from flying a season in the canyon that I would have instructing for five more years. I instructed for a couple years before I went to fly the ditch, so that may have prepared me to better soak up the learning experience. I was giving dual in IFR Multi-engine ops before I made the leap. CFI'ing is a great foundation but if you have at least 500-1000 dual given I think you will get more out of the fast paced, challenging environment you will find out there, especially in the single pilot world of the SFAR (canyon flying). Hands down, I have never had more REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE than jumping out of the CFI sand box and into the spotlingt as a single pilot part 135 driver in a very dynamic and unforgiving environment. The weather can be challenging, mixing it up with several different aircraft types in a narrow corridor is anything but straight and level, and it was a lot of fun realizing how far you had come in such a short while. The trick is to get in and get out in a year. About 1000 hours is the point of diminishing returns I thought.

Get a job based out of Vegas because living there is better and the type of flying is more comprable to regular airline flying than doing tours out of GCN or the lake all day. Of course multi-engine is better but you may have to realistically start out flying singles depending on your time. Try to get the single pilot multi jobs, as you will get the most experience for your time. FO on a DH-6 is nice too for turbine time, but I have always weighted PIC as most valuable. A lot would disagree, saying turbine is better. I think turbine FO is better than SEL PIC, but it's a hard call with MEL PIC or turbine SIC.

Good luck!
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SGL, I just saw you have 400 total. If you can get on with a operator when you have 500TT, then go for it. At the end of the season get on with a quality 141 flight school instructing. Don't discount what you will gain by flight instructing - it will hone your paperwork and cockpit communication skills while the 135 stuff will get your stick and rudder skills, customer service and real world air sence above everyone elses'.

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