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GPS/FMS simulators

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May 14, 2005
Anyone know where abouts I might find simulator software for KLN 900B or Honeywell / Collins FMS. I know Garmin has some for 430/480/530 stuff, but i need the others.
If you wanna have fun, there is a company named RealityXP that makes a GNS530 instrument for Flight Simulator that runs the real Garmin firmware.
The only thing I can think of that it doesn't do is simulate satellite lossage, and it may even do that (I haven't encountered it, but I haven't tried). If you pay them extra you get the ability to have more than one unit and cross-fill and such. (It's like $30, $20 extra for the "professional" stuff.)
For some reason, even though I posted, the thread did not age...
Can everyone see the post immediately before this one?
It didn't fix the post count either...

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