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GPS databases

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Well-known member
Jun 5, 2005
I am under the impression based on AIM1-1-13 that you can use an IFR certified GPS under IFR rules for enroute navigation without the database being current. The database only needs to be updated for GPS IFR approaches. Anyone know if this is correct?
Per AIM 1-1-19 f.1.(b)(3) the database must also be current if you are using an IFR certified GPS in lieu of an ADF or DME.

Yeah I meant 1-1-19 above but its not clear about enroute ops, i.e. DME and Navigation enroute in IMC
The introductory paragraph of 1-1-19 f.1. says that the section refers to using GPS in lieu of DME or ADF for enroute and terminal applications. Also, one of the uses mentioned is substitution from DME above FL240 which I would take to mean that they are talking about enroute navigation when they say an up-to-date database is required.
GPS Database can be out of currency provided it is listed in your MEL and you have a Procedure.

Thanks Paul I've gotten so many different answers to this question I decided to go to the forums see what comes up. Your answer was so clear and concise though.

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