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Gov't training:

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Intruder One

Well-known member
Apr 6, 2002
I have a letter from FL unemployment stating they will pay up tp $5350.00 (Pell Grant)for additional training.It says this is accepted at nearly all universities and community colleges and many trade and technical schools.
I have a 320 type and would like to get a 330.Anyone know how to get this started.The folks I've called in FL have no idea what I'm talking about.
Check the advertisements for flight schools accepting WIA funding. They have people who can handle your questions. There are several that handle the heavy type ratings. I think they also advertise on the is board. Good luck because this is a government nightmare.
Thanks for the info.....from what I've found out so far is this type of training falls under the (WIA) workers investment act.Again the FL people are lost when it comes to pilot training.

Does anyone know any schools that do the heavy types that would know of this program?It would give me a place to start and lord knows I've got the time.
Ok, finally got in touch with someone in FL who knows about this program.

The problem is the most they pay is $6500, can't get much of a type with that.She said that was about the limit in most states as it is a federal program.Oh well it was worth a look, thanks for all the info.

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