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Gotta love the security

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Yesterday, I had to take a Delta Shuttle to NYC. Upon gathering my e-ticket and going through the metal detector, I was asked to perform a search by a fairly good looking female security person. She actually ran her hands through my hair looking for whatever she was looking for. Only problem is, I have a flat-top. Maybe things are looking up? :)
and then the other side.....

Major metropolitan airport in the mid-west (not saying for security reasons). Airplane had been downed for mechanical and was now signed off but sitting at FBO ramp. Hotel van delivers us to FBO "gate". Two of us in Uniform and we wave to a camera. Gate "buzzes" and we walk straight through to the airplane. About five minutes into preflight, a ramper stops by and asks how we want to do the start and taxi out.

Cranked her up, called ground and taxiied to the terminal to pick up the F/A and passengers.

Not a single check of our ID's, our bags, anything. All the FBO saw was two guys in Uniform. Oh yes, those TSA guys at the terminal are really protecting us from evil!!!

Like the French and the Maginot Line - we've got one he11 of a front line and of course no-one would ever think of coming in the back door!
Once again, this past Sunday morning, I was asked to take off my shoes before boarding an Airtran flight to Fort Lauderdale. First, at the main security checkpoint, and once again before boarding. The personell remembered me from the last time I made such a flight. They actually put my shoes through the x-ray machine.

Last night, comedian David Brenner related some similar experiences with security. He flies a lot, and the security people definately recognized him, and he received a full search just as I did. He expressed concern in the interview about a pilot being searched who had a nail cliper being broken to remove its pointed file. When the pilot asked why, he was told that he might have been able to use it to take over the airplane. He responded "I'm the pilot, it's my JOB to take over the airplane!!!"

Brenner expressed his concern that during these charades, real terrorists may be allowed to board. He also mentioned the "S" marking on the borading pass you receive before you go to the security checkpoint. If a terrorist sees the "S", he will know that he will be searched, and will simply delay his flight until a day when he does not receive the "S" designation from the ticket agent.

Talk about chasing our tails...
Sounds like the good guys and gals who run security forget to think from time to time. :rolleyes:
security is a joke

Security in this country is a joke!
The useless security guards wouldn't know what to do if they found an actual terrorist. We probably don't have to worry about that though, they are too busy searching grandma in the wheelchair to notice the terrorists walking by with a fuse hanging out of their shoes.......
Unfortunatley another terrorist attack is going to happen and all the politicians will start blaming each other..... When are we going to get serious about security in this country???
I want to hear from some security people about how they feel things are. It would be interesting to see if they agree that its crap or if they really think that our country is doing a good job.
one more

one more...

checking in through inter-island security at HNL, passed the security screeners, a rather large gentlemen in olive drab and black flak vest with, you guessed it, a Remington 870 pump shotgun. Initially I thought he was an idiot until I realized he probably had #7 shotload so he could take out a few civilians with the shotpattern as he guns down terrorists running through the lobby.
hair cut

Hay capt-zman

gotta love that , I have the very same cut ,it a very aggressive hair cut people move out of you'r way , they call you sir i even had one person try to salute me I told them it was not necessary.

as far as the security agent may be she had ideas on what you could with that hair cut.ehehehehe.

I'm sick of seeing airport employee's in the secured area with non-secured id badges, while us pilots get the 3rd degree. Anybody besides me seen that at the Albany International Aerodrome?
Anyone remember the movie Airplane?

If not go and rent it this weekend and watch the beginning of it when they show a “security check point” scene.

First you see this horde of Arab terrorist wearing their traditional apparel; each is hauling an armload of weapons, everything from sub guns to a full-blown RPG. They pass though the medal detector, it makes several noises… then here comes grandma. She hobbles though, nearly falls over and the metal detector makes yet another noise.

This time two guards come running at her, guns drawn and give her the felony arrest treatment.

Think the director was a prophet or something?


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