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Got the Private...now???

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Fr8T Dawg in Training
Jan 3, 2005
So I got a question....what is the best way to do this next step...I have my private....now do I go and start my instrument single....or do I build up hours and do my Multiengine then knock out my ME, MEI, and COMM all together....help please!! :)
Just more expensive that way?
Most people follow the more efficient path of:
PPL > Instrument > Comm SEL > Multi COMM with Instrument priveleges > CFI/CFII/MEI

...mainly because usually that's the most cost effective way to do it.

Your mileage may, of course, vary.

Good luck and congrats on the certificate. Go fly some XC flights and start learning.
see I have had my private for awhile now...im just wondering what to do....although I havent logged PIC in almost 2 months due to moving around and FL weather!!! :(
I'd recommend the IR first...then when you get your CME you will just have to demonstrate instrument proficiency. You'll already have instrument privileges in a single...just mho...

thanks for the imput!
Build up some cross-country and PIC time. Hit a new airport every time. Get some good experience. You'll learn as much building time for 3-4 months than you did in all your private training. Then go for the Instrument. Worry about the multi far later. Don't rush it is what I'm trying to say. Most important, have some fun with that new license!!!

Mr. I.
Heres what I did. Get the Instrument first then Comm single then CFI. Get job as CFI use that money to pay for CFII. Now you can make even more money so now use your CFI/CFII money to get Comm Multi. Then get MEI. Use your MEI to get the multi time needed to do something else. I did that got on with a regional about 2 years before my buddies and I'm getting ready to go to upgrade class here in a few days. Hope that helps, the most important thing is to have fun doing it though.
Thanks I appreciate all the imput!! I just want to start flying some more...2 months no PIC...Im going into depression!
do the instrument, single comm. then do the multi comm add on. thats what i did and think is the least expensive way

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