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Got the EJA call!

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Active member
Nov 28, 2001
...Actually I called them, but same result - I'm in! I will post the timeline below. I took a class in the Ultra, starting Indoc on 2-18-01. Could have had the Excel but with about a2 month later starting date, felt like seniority was most important. So now for the question for the EJA guys?

How often do you get to bid out of the 2 year seatlock into another aircraft? Not a big deal, I am looking for some time to get used to this sort of flying but would like to know the options.

Any tips or info on prepping for the training? What systems does the ultra have etc? How about indoc, what is covered there?

And Lastly, anyone know the current upgrade time frame on the Ultra? I definitely need a few months to get used to the airplane and the ops, mostly want to know when the new pay may start?

Thanks always, and I am excited!

Sent App in 09-06-01
Got call for Interview 09-20-01
Interviewed 11-12-01 in HOB
Called today and offered class 12-11-01
Indoc is on 04-18-01
Airplane training on 03-12-01
Congratulations, and welcom to the club (or herd, or mob, depending on how you look at it).

Upgrade time: Our system is rather convoluted right now, and has a lot of variables. In the Ultra fleet, I would guess between 3-6 months. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend upgrading before at least six, maybe more, to give you time to learn the environment.

Bidding out of seat lock: Depends on the fleet. If they can't fill the bids with unlocked bidders, seat lock is waived. I just saw a bid award in the Hawker 1000 on which locks were waived.

Tips to prepare for training: Just show up with your head screwed on right and you'll do OK.

Ultra systems: Simple. You'll get plenty of training on them at FlightSafety when you take your type course.

Hope this helped.
I too got the EJA call today (or as you did I called them) I also start indoc 18 FEB and the sim 8 MAR. I am in the Ultra also, and while it would have been nice to have been offered something bigger I am very appreciative of the job. I have 1500 hours in the Ultra so it should be a pretty smooth transition. I'll see you in FEB with a big smile on my face. Take care.



Got the call on Monday as well for the Ultra. I start AC training on March4th and Indoc. on April 2nd

Interviewed in LGB on Nov. 29/30

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