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Got A Call From Swa Today!!

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Mar 26, 2002
However it wasn't about the next class as I was hoping for when I heard Jennifer's voice, but they are asking me to come to Dal for fingerprinting and to show my proof of citizenship. She did offer me a pass to fly there much like they did for the interview.

Just wanted to see if any of you out there had the same call.

Happy swimming,

Just to add something to this. I am not a foreign national. Jennifer told me this was something new that the FAA was now requiring and that any delay in getting this done would delay my class date? Your guess is as good as mine on this deal because I had never heard of it before. I am scheduled to go to DAL this friday to have it done. I will post a TR on this when I get back on saturday.


Jennifer's right, it's a new thing. All of us on the line are getting fingerprinted also.

Is it easier for those of us who have government security clearances or is the process the same ???


I have to admit the fingerprint thing caught my curiosity, so I decided to call the PD to see if I needed to get fingerprinted. My call must have been one in many calls they have recieved about this new issue. They were very nice and made it clear that they would call me when they needed my prints. In other words guys:
"Don't call them, they will call you."

I had my prints done at the airline I currently work for. Are these SWA specific or will they cross over from my current job?
All pilots flying as crewmembers on a 12,500 pound or greater AC are required to be fingerprinted by next December I believe. Not sure if the new law applies to part 91, but it does to 135/121. Does not matter if you have a security clearance or not.


I got the call from Jan this morning to be fingerprinted. She wanted it done by next week. Sounds promising
Me too...

I got a call from the PD aslo. I'll do whatever they need, to be that much closer to a class date.

Dain the pool...Drain the pool...Please

Went in this morning and did my fingerprinting. Painless and very quick, took less than 15 minutes.

RJ (jetpltrich)

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