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Got a Call from SWA today

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Nov 26, 2001
I interviewed on 23 Oct and had a message on my answering machine today from Jennifer McCallion. She said I did well on the board but they had a couple of small things I needed to do to move forward. Not sure what that meant but the tone sounded positive. I returned her call but only got the voice mail. Hopefully good news.
Hi flier

I too got the same call..What it means is you passed the DB..Great job..

In my case.. they needed my help in speeding up some of my record returns..Phone calls to former employers solved the problem..After they got the last record request back i got the "go get your type" call..

I would relax and do your best to do what ever they ask of you as quickly and as nicely as possible..

In the past..This is a very good sign and 99% of the time you are hired..

That is of course unless you dont like watching MTV in your underwear and eating Strawberry Pop Tarts while watching Brittney..

Then you are doomed...Doomed ya hear..

Called Too!


I got called too. Interviewed on the 25th. Jennifer needed drug testing, NDR check (out of our hands) and records from my current employer concerning drug and alcohol and training records. congrats.

No worries! Do not lose sleep at this point. I received a similar call. They needed to know how to conduct my background check for a comapany I worked for in Saipan. I used to work for a Northwest Airlines commuter out there (Pacific Island Aviation) and SWA wanted to make sure it wasn't out of the country (apparently, that becomes a can of worms for background checks). Well a simple phone call to Dallas and an explanation that Saipan is part of the Northern Marianas Island and is THEREFORE a US territory solved the problem. They simply stated they'd have to get back to me to check out US territories and the regs involved. They called back within an hour and said, "Never mind, we have what we need and we learned something about US History. Thank you."


Congrats to all "poolies" getting class dates with SWA! (I am envious-- but thrilled for all of you!!!)
I am replying to your posting because I was almost sure that SWA has not interviewed any pilots since 9/11. But, I guess, they have been, and that is great. My question is, though, did you already have a 10/23 interview scheduled before 9/11, or was it scheduled after 9/11? I ask because I got my type on 8/25, applied a few days later and got a scheduled interview for 10/10. On 9/18, I was told by Leslie that my interview has been temporarily postponed. I recently spoke with her regarding a new interview date and she said "...sometime after the first of the year..." She also said that they have just started recalling for interviews those scheduled for interviews but postponed, due to 9/11, and that those interviews would happen in Jan, etc.. So, Brother, how did you manage an interview on 10/23? Thanks for the info. and Happy Holidays!
I was originally scheduled for an interview on 18 Sept, got a call on the 13th postponing it until mid Oct, followed by a call a week later postponing it indefinitely. Two weeks after than call, Jennifer called to reschedule it for 23 Oct. Took drug test yesterday and still waiting for National Driving Record. Patiently waiting for more news.


I was in the same boat as you. I called Lindsey this week and got an interview date in Jan. Get on the phone.
New Year Interviews!

Thanks for the replies! I called and hour ago and got an interview this January, 2002. Lindsey said that my call to her pre-empted her call to me by a day or two. The weeks of the 7th, 14th, and the 21st are still wide open. Thanks again, "InHot"-- do well and have a great Holiday!:D
Same routine here.

Originally scheduled for Sept 18th. Postponed and then canx after 9/11.

No Type Rating.

Called this week, talked to LL and was given an early Jan interview date.

Things are looking better.

A few questions......... 1) What is the best way to update info to SWA (i.e. address changes, phone number, etc)? 2) I submitted my app. in October. I know this is kind of a "wide open" question, but when should one expect a call for an interview? 3) How do I go about getting the phone number to Linsey and who is she? I'm new to this game, so hang with me boys and girls! Thanks much.

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