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Google Earth

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Jun 26, 2002
This is a pretty neat program, and it has the magic words for pilots......It's FREE!!!

Basically, you can slew around the planet as seen from satellites, and zoom in on anywhere you want...

Program downloads quickly on cable broadband.

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i hope they use those images to add them to the Flight Simulator software soon, that way you could fly from city to city eacthing exactly whats below your plane, its amazing, you can look at every hanger at any given airport, and the planes that were parked the day they took the pics, and you can see naked girls at nudist camps.....hehe well this last part is not true.....yet
Yeah, you can see everything except for that neighbor chick sunbathing in the backyard, heh heh.

That is really cool!

The picture of my neighborhood is not very recent because the street behind me is not yet built in the picture, so it's a few years old.

The new runway at MIA is completed in the picture, so not all pictures were taken at the same time. Also, some were taken early in the morning and other in the evening, noticed by the position of the shadows.

Good stuff though. I was trying to figure out where my car was in thos picture or where it is that I was living.
Yeah, MIA isnt too old, I can see one of our DC-10's on the ramp at the Eastern-U and one of the DC-8's in the new paint scheme.
The photos of my home town has been taken within the last year and a half.

There's been ongoing construction out at our airport to extend the runway, and the photos show the construction area clearly.

Awesome program!

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