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Good Price for Training

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Active member
Jul 13, 2002
Is ~$$$20K reasonable/decent price(I know free is the best) for all of your tickets(IR,Commerical Single, Commericial Multi(40 Hours),CFI,CFII)???

I have negotiated this deal with a school under part 61.

Any opinions on this price? From what I have looked at this is definitely competitive.
Flight training costs

Is that price all-inclusive? Is the price guaranteed? Will you have to pay extra for additional flights and/or ground and/or sims? Are checkride fees included in that price (probably not)? Is MEI included in that price? Do you have to fork up all of it up front or can you work off a deposit? Any refund if you come in under cost?

Maybe the primary question is what about CFI employment at the place after you finish.

I'd get answers to these questions. All in all, it sounds about right for Part 61.

Sounds about right, don't put big money up front. Might loose it if they go under. Double check on what Bobbysamd said. Who is it and how long have they been around? What is their rep? Can you talk to current and or previous students? How are the instructors? What are their pass rates? Do they have enough aircraft? etc. Good luck and shop carefully
I reemphasize what TWC and Bobbysamd said on the question of, is the price a flat rate, meaning, is $20k the price, period? or, could it possibly be more if you needed extra training flights, or went over on your alotted hours?? That's one area where flight schools can really get you. I did the majority of my training at ALL ATPs, and the price they quoted me from day one, was the price of the entire program, regardless of how long it took me. No hidden costs or anything. Most schools won't do that these days. They will give you a guesstimate cost based on an average amount of hours you are supposed to fly for each rating.

I would also shy away from signing any kind of contract, or putting a lot of money up front, as Bobbysamd said. If the flight school is a reputable one, they won't need all your money up front. To me, if a school asked for all my money up front, it would make me start thinking the school might be afraid of me leaving the program, which could possibly have a problem with past students.

Anyways, the point of all this is, the cost you quoted is a very good deal. I'd go for it, but look EVERYTHING over before starting.

Good luck!:cool:
Everything is included

The program is price guaranteed for all of the training. I have contacted current students and been told the program is like any other training program. I have asked all of the questions of maintenance canellations and the sort and most students have not spoken of not being able to fly for maintenance issues. Most have a favorable opinion of the school. I will keep the name of the school anonymous because I don't want opinions based on teh name of the school. Maybe this thread can stay more objective that way. We can talk about what you get for x dollars and go from there.

There are other contractual guarantees with the school. The price guarantee stands for ~15K for all of my tickets exept MEI. They do want the money up front for the price guarantee.

I have mixed feelings about this but could see they want something for taking the risk of you costing them extra money to get all of your tickets. They also spread out the training over 6-7 months and don't cram it all into 3 months.

I looked at allatps.com but do not want to subject myself to that kind of pressure for 3 months.

I haven't gotten my private part time in a month so I am not ready for that kind of transition for study. I also think that spreading out the training will make ME a better pilot. It simply gives me more time to think about what I am learning. I have the time so I am taking it at a more moderate pace than trying to get all my tickets in 3 months.

I appreciate all advice given.
Just another two cents:

You may get more "objective" opinions by keeping the name of the school anonymous, but this is analogous to preventing a jury from hearing a criminal's record. A school's reputation, just like a previous record, can provide a pattern of activity that reveals operating practices. You may want to know what others have learned, and at what a price to their careers.

There may be a lot of good, accurate advice that you are preventing yourself from hearing.

You don't owe that information to anyone but yourself, and only you can decide how important that information may be.

Caveat emptor.
Training programs

You have to choose a program that suits you the best consistent with your goals. As motivated as I was to learn to fly, and I was motivated, I don't think that I could have drank from a three-month firehose. Flight training involves learning new concepts and different uses of your muscles and instincts, and information that's different from other kinds of learning. It does take time for your mind to consider and absorb the information and muscle training. I think six to seven months a la FlightSafety is a reasonable but rapid timetable.

Good luck with your choice and your training.

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