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Good place to rent a taildragger in Seattle?

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Dec 8, 2004
I'll be in Seattle next week and I'd like to rent a taildragger for a little fun flying while I'm there. Does anybody know of a good place to rent a Cub, Champ, Citabria, etc.?
heres a good place to rent a champ...


if you get a rental car in Seattle, its just a thirty minute drive north on the 5 then east for three miles on (i think) state route 2 to get to Harvey field. you'd better www.mapquest.com it from Sea-tac to be sure. But its a nice little airport and they rent a champ that is in good condition. Also, Boeing field is right next to sea-tac (well just north about five miles) and they have like four or five FBO's I don't go there very often though so you might want to check the AOPA website to find out if those FBOs have taildraggers. hope that helps...

Snohomish Flying Service looks like they want at least 5 hours in type to rent the Champ solo, which I don't have. Does anybody else have info on taildragger rental in the Seattle area?
ProAire at Arlington Airport (KAWO -- 40 minutes north of Seattle) has a Cessna 170 for rent. Nice people.

I think Island Air (mentioned above) sometimes flys their cubs out of Boeing Field. I seem to recall a "Learn to Fly" sign next to one of the cubs in the Northeast corner of the airport. Wings Aloft at Boeing Field may still have a Citabria, but they're a club so they may not rent to non-members.

Finally, there's a Citabria available up here on Orcas Island for dual instruction only. IM me if you want details.

Interesting timing. I was just up at PAE this morning, home on vacation, and I came across a flight school called Northwest School of Aviation that rents a nice J3 for $65 dry. It's down for annual at the moment, should be up soon, but it's a sharp looking Cub. Don't have a number or cantact info on me at the moment...I'll post it when I find it.

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